My apologies to the micro-cohort who regularly visit this website. My posts of late have been somewhat desultory, if not dilatory. Truth is I have been a bit preoccupied and also not particularly well. All is on the mend, however. Three days ago I had an operation for the removal of my gallbladder – all neatly done by keyhole surgery by the great people at Hutt Hospital.  Everything went according to plan although, in my case, the operation took a lot longer than it should because my gallbladder was in a mess (that’s about as much detail as I need to know) and because of the Gallstone.

Gallstones, according to a quick scour through Google, are generally about 10mm across, about the size of a pea. Mine is the size of a large plum, about 30 times the average. I am not sure it qualifies for the Guinness Book of Records but it impressed the staff at the hospital. It looks rather like a miniature boulder of dark, striated sedimentary rock from a model landscape. I am tempted to include a photo with this post but the camera is broken and Barbara thinks it would be in bad taste. I suppose she is right in that for every person who is fascinated by medical adventures there is at least one who finds them, at best, boring and, at worst, gross.

One of the more curious experiences of being in hospital was a period on the second day, when I was still coming through the anaesthetic. A voice kept talking to me from out of the twilight. It wasn’t in my head exactly but it wasn’t anywhere else either. Most of what it said was garbled nonsense that went by me so quickly I could hardly register it. One thing stuck, however, a piece of verse.

Sister, sister, James is one.
Will he ever be undone?
Comb your hair and fan your tail.
Lose your feathers in this gale.

I assume that the word ‘sister’ is used in a medical sense but maybe not. Who James might be, I have no idea.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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  1. maggie@at-the-bay.com Says:

    While in recovery, I suggest you get yourself out to the movies and go and see “Nowhere Boy” the movie about John Lennon’s formative teenage years – it is one of the best movies I’ve seen for a while – a grand performance too by Kristin Scott Thomas (yet again) and also the woman (?) who plays the part of John’s Mum… not to mention the lad playing John and the the lad playing Paul. I was captivated entirely and didn’t want the movie to end, but fortunately the producers must have known that trying to do “The Beatles” would have led to failure. Instead, although the music was great, it wasn’t the most important aspect of the film. I’m sure you will love it as it evokes so well, the very things about post war Britain that you have been writing about on your blog. I hope you’re feeling better (and as said once before, empathy to Nurse Barbara!)… and she was right about not posting a picture of your gall!

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