Mot Juste

Last evening we went to the launch of Fiona Kidman’s new collection of poems, Where the Left Hand Rests (on the table, apparently). The French ambassador did the honours in beautifully accented English, reminiscent, as my friend Eric pointed out, of Inspector Clouseau. It was a nice occasion with a big crowd of family and friends and a fair number of pelicans in attendance. We were also celebrating Fiona’s seventieth birthday. Good on you, Fiona.

Afterwards, Barbara and I got talking to Louise Wrightson and mentioned this blemoir. Louise liked the word. She thought it sounded like a cross between a blemish and a pinot noir. We decided that maybe I had at last discovered the means by which I was going to make my stain on the world.

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  1. Says:

    A grand affair for Pelicans, poets and people who love all things literary – you could feel the warmth and affection in which Fiona is held and her lovely girlish excitement and humility for me, is what makes her so impressive.
    I love the poem about where your left hand rests, because ever gregarious and prone to hand waving, I now know that I can, without breaking etiquette, place my elbows on the table after eating and carry on talking with my hands.

    Your blemoir is seeping into cyberspace rather nicely and the stain will hopefully seep deeply, spread a little around, and hey presto, a new genre.
    So I’ll continue to drink in your words…

    I also love the poem by Fiona about releasing words into the hands of orthers when she was a librarian until she found her own words – this is not a direct quote, as I do not have the poem with me as I write, but I’m working in a bookshop and the poem resonates.

    Do I ask what a pelican is?

  2. Chris Says:

    Pelicans are members of the literati who gather at book launches and other such places to clack their beaks. In general, they are more interested in the gossip, the food, and the wine than in the book being launched.

  3. Chris Says:

    Apologies, Maggie. I inadvertently delete your reply to my reply. Post it again if you feel inclined.

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