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The Good Life

“What must I do for a good life?” a young man asked the Master.

“You must eat and drink and sleep and breathe,” Master Tze said.

“But that’s obvious,” the young man said.

“Yes,” said Tze, “but it’s not as easy as you might think.”

“What else must I do, though?”

“Once you are alive, you must take care of the useless things,” Master Tze told him.

At the Shrine

Laughing Buddha


Master Tze and his companions were at the shrine.

‘How can he laugh when the world is so full of pain and woe?’ asked Bardumon.

‘It depends what’s in the teapot,’ said Master Tze.

Bardumon went away with an angry look.

‘So, what is in the teapot?’ Skyfoot asked.

‘Nothing!’ Master Tze told him.

‘What do we do, then?’

‘We sing,’ the Master said.

‘And what do we sing?’

‘Anything at all.’

So they sang Goodbye from White Horse Inn.


‘What have you done with your life?’ asked Bardumon. ‘What difference have you made to the world?’

‘I try to leave the world alone,’ said Master Tze. ‘It has suffered enough.’