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‘At last, I understand!’ cried Posm. ‘There are no universal truths!’

‘And is that a universal truth?’ asked Master Tze.

Meaning and the Fly

‘If there is no meaning,’ Bardumon said, ‘then nothing matters.’

‘Who said there is no meaning?’ asked Master Tze.

‘You did,’ said Bardumon.

 ‘There is sense and there is nonsense,’ said Master Tze. ‘And they belong together.’

‘How can we tolerate such a state?’ asked Bardumon.

‘Be glad that you know the difference and embrace them both,’ said Master Tze.

The Meaning of Life

‘If I did not believe in God, then life would have no purpose,’ said Credo.
‘What’s the purpose of a joke?’ asked Master Tze.
‘You think life is a joke?’ Credo asked, surprised.
‘I think a joke is life,’ said Master Tze.

Morning Prayer

‘Do you meditate every morning?’ Credo asked the sage.

‘No,’ said Master Tze. ‘I wake up and thank God I’m alive.’

‘But you say there is no God!’ Credo said.

‘That doesn’t stop me being glad,’ Master Tze answered

Walking the Walk

‘The mountain is to the sea as the theorem is to the biscuit,’ said Master Tze.

‘You talk nonsense,’ said Bardumon.

‘And I live it too,’ Master Tze said.